petri is an online social engagement platform for remote workers. We offer a “hands off” solution to companies that want to provide opportunities for employee social interactions and virtual team building, without extensive planning for each event.

Our parent company is teambuilding.com and we run team building activities for the world’s most forward thinking organizations: Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Chipotle, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and thousands more.

How We Help Remote Workers

We started petri as a custom solution for our enterprise clients. These companies are making preemptive investments to ensure their employees have a social outlet and support system while working remotely. These companies and we believe that live, personal online interactions are significantly more effective than software substitutes.

As of March 2020, the petri platform is now available to all organizations, regardless of size, industry or location. You can sign up and get started when you are ready. You will have the full support of our HQ team, talented facilitators and platform.

Working from home is socially isolating, lonely, and a significant challenge to healthy company culture. Investing in social connection for your people can be the difference between a happy, productive, engaged workforce, and one that has checked out.

How it Works

  1. Each month we schedule dozens of online group activities like yoga classes, virtual campfires, pub trivia, role playing games, public speaking practice, Chinese lessons, book clubs, science debates, joke writing, mini hackathons, open chat sessions and more.
  2. Your employees pick and choose which petri events to attend each week, and can plan to attend events together.
  3. Each petri session is scheduled to include core social contact, as well as a little extra buffer time for logistics and connections..

Example Classes

Here are some of the classes, seminars and virtual meetups petri offers.

💬 Open Chat Come and join a live conversation or start one. Share what is on your mind.
🍵 Tea Talk Calming conversations about important topics over tea.
🏃 Group Yoga Sessions for both beginners and advanced yogis.
🍻 Pub Trivia Bring a brew, form your team, and become pub trivia champions.
💻 Mini Hackathon Quick themed hackathons to inspire teamwork and an “entrepreneur mindset.”
🎼 Beat-box Harmony Learn the basics of beat-boxing and join an epic harmony.
🙏 Guided Meditation Relax and look inside with an expert meditation instructor.
🎙️ Open Mic Come and shares your skills with the community.
😆 Joke Writing Learn to write and tell jokes that are at least B+ funny.
🉐️ Chinese 101 Classes for beginners to learn and practice Chinese with a professional teacher.
⚔️ RPG Session Nerds unite! We host simplified RPG sessions that newbs and pros alike love.
☕ Coffee & News Hang Drink coffee with people and discuss current events.
🐶 Pet Club Must love dogs, or cats, or birds. Bring yours and join the conversation. Woof.
🔬 Science Debates Learn and participate in what makes the world tick, crawl and rotate.
🔥 Virtual Campfire Fun games and ghost stories by the light of a virtual fire.

Benefits of petri

petri is the easiest way to fulfill your organization’s need for flexible, quality virtual team building activities. Specifically, petri is:

  • Exclusive to remote teams. We are the only online social engagement platform dedicated exclusively to remote teams. Your people will sign on to video calls with peers, not the general public.
  • Live “people focused” experiences. Every petri session is run by an experienced facilitator trained to make sure all attendees can participate in a way that is comfortable and accessible to them. petri is run on video calls with real people; this is not a software solution and we do not recommend relying on software for social engagment.
  • Flexible and easy to schedule. Your people choose the events and time slots that work for them. You don’t need to think about time-zones, finding a time everyone can meet, or choosing activities that everyone will like. We obsess over these elements for you.