Hi 👋 We are petri and we offer scalable virtual team building activities for remote teams

How it works…

Each month, we schedule dozens of fun online team building games and activities your people can join. Example activities include Open Chat, Tea Talk, Group Yoga, Pub Trivia, RPG Sessions, Pet Club, Mini Hackathons, Chinese Lessons, Science Debates, Virtual Campfires, Guided Meditation, Beat-box Harmony and more. Your staff can join as a team to connect with each other, or as individuals to make new friends and contacts.

We provide a virtual conference room for every session, with a senior petri facilitator as the host. Our facilitators are expert people connectors, and will help all attendees participate in a way that feels social, energizing and meaningful to them. We are a people focused company and believe live, interactive online experiences are the best way to build strong relationships with remote teams.

Each virtual meetup fits in categories like Fun, Wellness, Skill-Building and Connection. Your team will have unlimited access to our calendar and curriculum so they can choose time-slots and topics that match their interests. petri works in all locations and time-zones and is thoughtfully designed for virtual team building.

petri Plan

Up to 10x events per month
Full access to the petri events calendar
100% live experiences with trained facilitators
Connect with peers and attend events together
Thoughtful employee on-boarding
Works with all time-zones and locations
Fast, reliable technology
Built for “social inclusion”
Cost effective team building
Private VIP experience
Add events on your schedule
Custom event type development

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Every week we run events for the world’s most forward thinking organizations, including Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Pepsi, H&M and Netflix. We would love to work with your team too.